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We wish all our members, friends and interested people a megastart into the year 2001!


We wish all our members, friends and interested people a Merry Christmas!


Roger Murmann of the Science Fiction Club Rhein-Main reports on the Terminator-sequel:

"It is highly unlikely that Famke Janssen will take on the role as evil robot in Terminator 3. According to "SF-Wire" she has signed-on for a role in the movie Don't Say a Word - that picture is being shot at the same time as Terminator 3."


Roger Murmann of the Science Fiction Club Rhein-Main reports on the Total Recall-sequel:

"Arnold Schwarzenegger has said in an interview that the only reason why he couldn't do a sequel to Total Recall would be his lack of time. He told "Pocorn UK" with a wink that he unfortunately couldn't clone himself and as he could only make one movie a year Total Recall at the time is no topic for him. For 2001 Terminator 3 has priority but nevertheless a script for Total Recall 2 already exists."


Roger Murmann of the Science Fiction Club Rhein-Main reports on the Lance Henriksen:

"Lance Henriksen (Millennium, Aliens) will take on the lead in the thriller The Untold. According to "Variety" the film by author and director Jonas Quastel deals with the investigation into a plane-crash. Interestingly the head of the investigation (Henriksen) lost his daugther in the tragedy."


DVD-/Movie-Inside report on the Terminator-DVD:

"After the huge success of the Terminator 2 - Ultimate Edition it became quiet around the also planned special edition of the first part. First lifesigns were discovered by us in Australia where the release of the special edition of Terminator has been announced for the 07. March 2001. The technical features are still unclear and the bonus material is yet incomplete, however we expect further details within the next weeks on this release. Close to the Australian release-date we expect the planned release in the U.S. where the movie will be marketed by MGM. Originally the DVD should have been released by the end of this year, however a postponement became necessary as current marketing contracts allowed the present license-holder a rather generous time-frame to the sell off the first imprint. In Germany the marketing-rights for Terminator are held by VCL/MAWA, however the press-contact there has no information yet on a re-release.

Techn. data:

Running-time: appr.102 Min.
MPAA/FSK: t.b.a.
Pictureformat(s): - widescreen (1.85:1 - anamorph)
Audio: Dolby Digital 5.1 in English
Features: new cut scenes, documentation "Other Voices", the first drafts and the final script, picture gallery with 250 images, trailer & teaser"


DVD-/Movie-Inside report on Hannibal:

"The Silence Of The Lambs rates as a thouroughly dark classic among the modern-dya psycho-thrillers. The sequel Hannibal is currently created under direction of Ridley Scott. However there are three novels by author Thomas Harris dealing with the man-eating psychiatrist. The first book Red Dragon has already been made into a movie in 1986 by Michael Mann (Heat, The Insider), was a flop and Harris didn't like it either. That's why Silence Of The Lambs script-writer Ted Tally works on a new version of Red Dragon that before ran in cinemas under the title Manhunter. This book deals with the FBI-agent that brought Lecter to Justice. In contrast to Mann's version Tally in his wants to center primarily on the character of Lecter and believes that Anthony Hopkins will reprise the role if the new script pleases him. The picture is supposed to show how the hunt for Lecter develops. Tally however does not want to show the cannibalistc endulgences because he already had some experience on this with the producers as he had to completely delete the affair of FBI-agent Clarice Starling and Lecter in his The Silence Of The Lambs-script. So Tally is curious as to what will remain in the Hannibal movie of those aspects of the book where the agent is turning into a cannibalist as well."

X-Mas Alien


Homepage decorated with season's motives. Dates updated.

And we wish you a merry Christmas season!


Movie-Inside reports on Arnold Schwarzenegger:

"It has been quiet around Austria's greatest Hollywood-export but since End Of Days last year his seems to be back in business. On Thursday his new thriller The 6th Day will be released. Furthermore Arnold is working on a whole bunch of new projects. The script to Terminator 3 is almost finished and True Lies 2 is in pre-production. Arnold's latest movie however is Collateral Damage, which story promises a hard time for Schwarzenegger. The film deals with the attack on an ambassodor by columbian drug-lords. By doing so they also kill the family of Arnold's character that leads him to travel to Columbia to take revenge. There probably will be lots of bodies..."


Supposedly after Black Hawk Down (produced by Jerry Bruckheimer) Ridley Scottt wants to shoot an authentic pirate movie with Captain Kidd on the outlaw of same name. The film is to be produced by Jerry Bruckheimer and Scott Free Films for Disney.


Roger Murmann of the Science Fiction Club Rhein-Main reports on the Terminator-sequel:

"The rumours are numerous: Who will play the role of the female terminator in T3? "Variety" believes to know that Famke Janssen (Jean Grey in X-Men) is one of the top-candidates for it."


Vertical Limit is a new mountaineering-thriller with Bill Paxton that will be released in the U.S.A. before Christmas and in Germany on 25.01.01. Director is Martin Campbell (Bond); co-starring: Chris O'Donnel and Scott Glenn.


Kathrin Bigelows latest movie is called The Weight Of Water premieres on German screens on 18.01.01. Actors are Catherine McCormack (Braveheart) and Sean Penn.


Ian Holm is supposed to play in Lord Of The Rings 1. U.S.-release 19.12.01.


Sigourney Weaver is playing under direction of Douglas McGrath and Peter Askin beside John Turturro and Douglas McGrath in Company Man.


Matthias is sending regards to Klaus Triebel and Michael Buch, who have made Düsseldorf an event again...


Roger Murmann of the Science Fiction Club Rhein-Main reports on the Terminator-sequel:

"According to "Ain't it cool News" the producers of Terminator 3 and Arnold Schwarzenegger are interested in the wrestler "Chyna" to play the role of the female terminator in T3. According to "Dark Horizons" the wrestler is to be seen several times this year in a guest role on the sitcom "Coneheads" and has been praised by the critics."


Movie-Inside reports on T3:

"James Cameron does not want to make it and until now David Fincher has been named as director for the long-anticipated Terminator 3. As it looks now someone else is going to sit in the director's chair. Producer Andrew Vajna has visited the set of the Rollerball-remake and supposedley has offered director John McTiernan the seat. McTiernan has not yet signed anything so the last word is not yet spoken. John McTiernan has in recent years acquired a reputation as action director by shooting films as Die Hard which first and third part he directed and has already worked with Arnold Schwarzenegger on Predator and Last Action Hero."


According to Internet Movie Database (IMDb) John McTiernan is named as director for T3. Production to begin early 2001 with a release summer 2002. According to IMDb the film is produced by C-2 Productions (Mario Kassar and Andrew G. Vajna), Toho-Towa (Japan) and VCL (Germany). Additionally to James Cameron (for characters) and Tedi Sarafian Mario Kassar is named as writer.


Movie-Inside reports on James Cameron:

"Since Titanic there have been lots of rumours about what James Cameron would do next. One of his projects was the idea to Mars. Now it is out what he is going to do from the script proposal. No, it will not be a movie, he wants to write a novel from which an IMAX-movie is supposed to be made. Maybe even a TV-series. Cameron who wants to tread new paths has separated from his co-author Al Reinert and is shouldering the project by himself into a new direction. Will this work out, James Cameron as novel-writer?"


Movie-Inside reports on Terminator 3:

"Arnold Schwarzenegger has talked. About what? About T3. His adversary will be a female robot. "She can simply disappear, she can melt with somebody and sometimes she is pure energy," says Schwarzenegger. He also said that the script has been rewritten for the second time. Not because it was bad but for monetary reasons. "The film would cost at least 300 Mio. $, so we are taking out some things. I don't think that we need to crash-land a 747 onto the houses of Los Angeles. We can do that on a football-field..." Hey, calm down, Arnold."


Movie-Inside reports on David Fincher:

"The name David Fincher is one to increase film-lovers' heartbeat everywhere as he has been the director on such films as Seven and Fight Club. His latest film is the thriller Panic Room with Nicole Kidman and scripted by David Koepp (Jurassic Park; director of Echoes). Fincher himself describes the movie as a mixture between Das Fenster zum Hof and Wer Gewalt sät. So one can look forward to it.

Fincher will not be directing the long-planned Spiderman-project. He declined the offer despite being a huge fan of the comic-original. According to Fincher the producers want to bring the creation of the spider to the screen instead of his well-known social environment. To Fincher however this part is very important and it was immediately obvious to him that he would not want to shoot the producer's Spiderman-version."


Movie-Inside reports on Arnold Schwarzenegger:

"Arnold's next project has been confirmed: For Disney he will star in the Sci-Fi-Actionthriller Reign of Fire, co-starring will be American Psycho Christian Bale. Under the direction of Rob Bowman (The X-Files - Fight The Future) Schwarzenegger will play a piliger who fights against evil dragons who have taken over Earth. The 80 Mio. $ production is set to be shot after Christmas."


Movie-Inside reports on Terminator 3:

"Made-famous through the two Terminator movies, actress Linda Hamilton has definetly declined to partake in the planned third part. One of the reasons could be the refusal of director and Terminator-creator James Cameron to come aboard. Linda had tied her participaion to his acceptance.

In an interview she gave further reasons for her decision: Of course she has been asked to partake in the third part, but she declined because she became tired of the role and as actress is only compared to and reminded of the Terminator movies.

Until now only Arnold Schwarzenegger and Edward Furlong have signed-on to do Terminator 3. However the film is planned for summer/autumn 2001 with a thetrical release around one year later."


Movie-Inside reports on Terminator 3:

"During an interview on MTV's Total Request Live the terminator himself in form of Arnold "Arnie" Schwarzenegger, has disclosed news on the upcoming third part of the Terminator-saga. According to this the script has been finished and the production will be a major effort. Furthermore Arnie has said that shooting will start summer 2001 so that it could be released in America in the summer of the following year 2002. If this date can be maintained, Terminator 3 could premiere around the same time as Star Wars: Episode II. With that a direct comparison might be possible..."


Movie-Inside reports on Black Hawk Down, the new project of Ridley Scott:

"At present famous director Ridley Scott is still busy with the sequel to Silence Of The Lambs called Hannibal. His next film is also decided on. The picture Black Hawk Down tells us of an elite-commando of 100 U.S. soldiers who are being dipatched to Mogadishu to arrest two wanted persons. During this mission 18 U.S. soldiers die as the defenders use heavy weapons, just as they had known of the mission in advance. Production of the authentic story will start on 23. February 2001 and the movie is scheduled for a U.S.-release Thanksgiving 2001"

26.10.00 Cherry Falls Cherry Falls

Today Geoffrey Wright's movie Cherry Falls which is being distributed by Kinowelt has opened in Germany. Michael Biehn stars as sheriff in a small town in Virginia(!) where suddenly a psychotic slasher is killing virgins (males as well!). The townkids therefor decide to lose their virginity in a mass orgy to escape the murderer...

Actors are among others Jay Mohr, Brittany Murphy (Clueless) and Gabriel Mann. Although Scream-like the movie tries to combine horror and humour, it cannot convincingly do so. Result: A matter of taste with an interesting (and for American conditions rather provoking) basic idea.


The Termintor 2: Judgment Day Ultimate Edition-DVD contains NO new scenes. Through the seamless branching technology however it is possible to include the scenes of the special edition into the running theatrical version.
Further details: The DVD will be marketed as single DVD-18 as well as twin DVD-9 as the production of the DVD-18 is said to be very complex. The sound of the RC-1 DVD has been superbly re-mixed in Dolby Digital 6.1 EX and DTS 6.1 and new THX, Dolby and DTS trailers are included.
The extras except the special on T2: 3D have already been on LD, but nervertheless the package and design of the DVD is rather spectecular!
(Sometime soon I will put a short list on the DVDs onto the net!)


There are following contradicting romours on Alien 5:

Nevertheless Fox has already registered the following webpages: Alien V and Alien 5 Movie.


The entry for Ridley Scott as Regisseur of T3 in the Internet Movie Database (IMDb) has been deleted, but Edward Furlong has been confirmed as John Connor!


According to Internet Movie Database (IMDb) Ridley Scott has been named as director of T3. Production beginning early 2001 for a release summer 2002. According to IMDb the movie is being produced by 20th Century Fox, C-2 Productions (Mario Kassar and Andrew G. Vajna) and Lightstorm Entertainment. James Cameron (for characters) and Tedi Sarafian are named as writers, Arnold Schwarzenegger as actor. (Supposedly Edward Furlong has also signed-on...)


On 29.08.00 Terminator 2: Judgment Day will be released as "Ultimate Edition"-DVD in the US. It is supossed to be a DVD-18 (two sides with two layers each) in Dolby Digital EX and DTS ES. Included should be the theatrical release, the 15-minute longer Special Edition and an unseen version with an additional 5 minutes!!! Furthermore tons of background material (also on T2: 3D!) You can pre-order at!


Rather quietly The Abyss has been released as RC 1-DVD. In the Special Editon box there are two DVDs with incredibly much bonus material. At present we are still browsing if it is more than on the former LaserDisc. (There is nothing missing however...!). Furthermore you can find both versions of the film on the main movie disc, meaning the theatrical release and the long special version including the wave-sequence... You can order the box from


Movie-Inside reports on True Lies 2:

"Tom Arnold has finally given official confirmation on a second part of the action-spectacle True Lies. According to his statement the project is to get underway definetly next year. Fans of Arnold Schwarzenegger can look forward to another appearance of James Bond copy Harry Tusker. James Cameron will supposedly partake in the project as well. There shouldn't be any problems now, should there?"


Roger Murmann of the Science Fiction Club Rhein-Main reports on the Terminator-sequel: Ridley Scott directing?

"Obviously signs are condensing that Ridley Scott will be the director of Terminator 3. According to "" Scott himself has stated in an interview that he expects to take over the post after concluding Hannibal. However it has not been decided wether this will truly be the case."


When buying Aliens versus Predator Gold (order here) or the expansion packs from Fox Interactive you will get a poster free. The expansion pack (order here) is available for ten US-Dollars (plus postage and packing). The original AvP-CD is required to play.


Area DVD reports on the Alien-DVDs:

"In the meantime new prints of the first Alien-DVDs are available. So Alien und Alien3 can already be replaced free-of-charge. Next week Aliens - Resurrection will be ready. For those concerned:

Alien: playback problems mainly on PC-DVD-drives
Aliens: German dubbing partly out of synch
Alien3: missing computer voice in German dub

The defective discs (not the comlete box) should be sent to the following address:

Deluxe Video Services GmbH
DVD Umtausch (DVD replacement)
77731 Willstätt
Tel.: +49 - (0) 78 52 / 8 22 44
Fax: +49 - (0) 78 52 / 8 22 99

Deluxe is performing the replacement on behalf of 20th Century Fox. The turned-in discs are not to be mailed COD. At least for Germany necessary mailing fees will be refunded in form of stamps that will be included with the replacement discs."


Roger Murmann of the Science Fiction Club Rhein-Main reports on the Terminator-sequel:

"After James Cameron has declined the offer to direct the upcoming Terminator 3 "Hollywood Reporter" among others names Ridley Scott, David Fincher and Roland Emmerich as possible directors. Obviously Arnold Schwarzenegger already knows who will direct - according to rumours that has been the reason for his change of mind to sign-on for two sequels. "Holywood Reporter" is further saying that Schwarzenegger in the third installation has to deal with a female terminator."


Roger Murmann of the Science Fiction Club Rhein-Main reports on Cameron's Dark Angel:

"According to "Cinescape" James Cameron has talked in an interview a little about his new TV-series Dark Angel. The series is set in the future and deals with a genetically enhanced teenager called "Max", played by Jessica Alba ( has reported). Important to Cameron is that it becomes clear that the heroine despite having super-human capabilities (among others she can run faster as a human and see in darkness) has human & social problems and is vulnerable. Cameron is producing the series and opines on shooting conditions that TV-productions were like working on a low-budget movie only that the scripts were better."


The code 2 DVDs Alien, Aliens and Alien3 (including those of the Alien Legacy-box) are supposed to contain errors in the CSS-encoding which can produce image distortition. 20th Century Fox Germany is already offering a replacement for Alien, the procedure for the other titles is still unclear...

Address for replacing Alien:

Deluxe Video Services GmbH
Stichwort: ALIEN-Umtausch (reg. ALIEN-replacement)
77731 Willstätt
Tel.: +49 - (0) 78 52 / 8 22 44
Fax: +49 - (0) 78 52 / 8 22 99


A new vote regarding AFC and WAP has been started.


Roger Murmann of the Science Fiction Club Rhein-Main reports on the Terminator-sequel: „Terminator 3 with Arnold!

Arnold Schwarzenegger has definetly signed-on for Terminator 3. According to the "Hollywood Reporter" Arnold Schwarzenegger himself confirmed this. It is unclear wether James Cameron will be directing again - Schwarzenegger during an interview with the "Hollywood Reporter" said that he talked to Cameron and that Cameron had finally read the script. Schwarzenegger would be very happy to work with Cameron. As date for principle photography spring 2001 is planned. The script comes from Tedi Sarafian. The project is being produced by Mario Kassar and Andrews Vajna and ther C2 company. T3 will be co-financed by Toho Towa and VCL. Should Cameron take over as director, than at least participation of Linda Hamilton is rather unlikekly - ex-husband James Cameron has just married actress Suzy Amis who co-starred in his blockbuster Titanic in a smal role. According to "E!Online" the wedding ceremony was held on a set of Titanic.


Movie-Inside reports on Terminator 3: "Terminator 3 - Arnie aboard?

To recapitulate: An up to now rather unknown production company has bought the rights to the action spectacle and of course tried to secure the old stars as well. Then came the first refusal: James Cameron (Terminator 1 & 2, Titanic), buried in own projects, didn't sign-on. That was a tough blow as Arnold Schwarzenegger tied his participation to Cameron's involvment. Obviously he has changed his mind because he has recently signed-on for two more films. Maybe the entire thing gets twisted now as both are presently working on True Lies 2 so the line of communication is not that long. Rumour has it that Cameron has already risked a look at the script of T3..."


20th Century Fox releases the Alien Legacy-Box in Europe. WITH the fifth DVD!


Susanne's and Jun's daughter Vivien is born. Resulting from this Jun will have less time to tend to the club. He will continue to be responsible for the webpages but needs your support. So if you have news, etc. then mail us!


After endless hours in a copyshop we now have all Facehugger-issues available again. Furthermore we offer an exclusive "Millennium Edition" in which all of the older issues and some things more are bundled together. Further details here, you can place your order here!


The readers of German movie-magazine "cinema" have voted their "best 100 movies of all times". Here is a short selection:

Back To The Future at 99, Metropolis at 77, Independence Day at 76, Terminator at 51, Star Wars: Return Of The Jedi at 37, Terminator 2: Judgment Day at 33, Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back at 30, Star Wars: The Phantom Menace at 26, Blade Runner at 23, Alien (as only film of the series!) at 19, Matrix at 17, 2001: A Space Odyssey at 16, Seven at 10, Star Wars: A New Hope at 5, Titanic at 2 and Schindler's List at 1.

The complete list is featured in issue May 2000!


Fox Interactive has announced that Aliens versus Predator is now available as "Gold"-version.


Roger Murmann of the Science Fiction Club Rhein-Main reports on the Terminator-sequels:

"Will Linda Hamilton not be seen in both Terminator-sequels? In an interview with the Australian magazine "TV Week" she is qouted to have said that she will only participate in the project if her ex-husband James Cameron will be joining as well. He however has been saying for long that he is not available. Or did he change his mind again...?"


Roger Murmann of the Science Fiction Club Rhein-Main reports on The Abyss Double-DVD:

"Supposedly James Cameron is very pleased with his DVD-version of The Abyss. According to the "Toronto Sun" the thriller will be released with over 440 minutes of picture materiel with two verisons of the movie, first the original theatrical release and secondly with the Special Edition release containing more than 30 minutes of added footage."


Movie-Inside reports on Terminator 3 & 4:

"Further progress with the oganization of Terminator 3 & 4: a major slice of the budget, 25%, seem to be assured as the German company VCL Film + Medien has bought into the porject for this amount. However the movies are not yet sure, because producer Mario Kassar is desperately seeking a suitable director, as James Cameron (Titanic, True Lies, Terminator 1 & 2) has meanwhile definetly declined in order to attend to his own projects (presently True Lies 2, as previously reported). Supposedly the script is almost complete for the third part and the planned beginning of shooting this autumn is barely manageable. We will see."


Movie-Inside reports on Oliver Reed in Gladiator:

"Maybe the one or the other has wondered what will happen to the scenes of the upcoming summer smash-hit Gladiator featuring Oliver Reed. Reed unfortunately passed away during principal photography. Wild rumours circulated through the net among them the thought that all remaining scenes would be added with computer animation or that those scenes would be completely cut from the picture. The truth is: Unlike originally planned the character of Reed does not survive and dies trying to save another person. These few extra scenes will be shot with a double touched-up by some minor CGI-effects. So Reed will remain."


Score-criteria of the search improved.


Finally the CGI-scripts have been translated into English as well!


According to DVD-Inside Fox will release the Alien Legacy-Box in Europe on May 25 WITH the fifth DVD!


Susanne and Jun have spent more than 12 hours of the last days in a copyshop and resulting from this are the first copies of old FHs. So the issues 1, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11+12 and 13 can be ordered! For the issues 2, 3 and 7 we are still missing some pages (Matthias is scrounging the cellar...). Anybody who wants an old issue can place an order here. Price per issue is 10,- DM plus postage and packing!


The changes to our web-content have finally been completed. The index-page has been re-worked and (almost) all of the pages are now available in English!

We are now looking for volunteers willing to oversee the pages in French and/or Spanish...


The AFC uses the domain again.

An analysis of the legal-situation has shown that the appeal (not made by us) has a postponing effect. The alternative domains ( & remain connected and will be re-directed to our main domain.


New item search added.


DVD-/Movie-Inside reports on True Lies 2:

"As it is being said, a sequel to True Lies is becoming more and more likely. There are still negotiations underway, but a return to the silver screen seems very likely. Participating most likely will be James Cameron, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Tom Arnold. The talk is that even Jamie Lee Curtis will be co-starring again."


Furthermore the Lord of the Rings is being shot by director Peter Jackson for New Line Pictures in Newzealand. (Infos under

As actors following persons have been named:
Sean Bean (Ronin, Goldeneye) as Boromir; Cate Blanchett (Elizabeth) as Galadriel; Liv Taylor (Armageddon) as Arwin; Christopher Lee (Highlander) as Sarumann; Eliah Wood (Deep Impact) as Frodo; Sir Ian McKellen (Last Action Hero) as Gandalf; John Rhys-Davies (Indiana Jones) as Gimli; Dominic Monaghan (in 1977 he starred in the TV-movie Hostile Waters) as Merry Brandybock; Sean Astin (starred in 1998 in Bulworth) as Sam Gamdschi; Viggo Mortensen (Daylight) as Aragorn.


According to Roger Murmann of the Science Fiction Club Rhein-Main, Fox is being sued for Alien Resurrection:

"A lawsuit against 20th Century Fox will be filed by brothers Roger and Lazid Laichouchene! Reason: They claim that Alien 4 is a plagiat of a script that they supposedly already have written by 1993. According to the "Hollywood Reporter" they also described in it how Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) was resurrected from the dead after dying in Alien3. Amount of the lawsuit: 15.5 million US-dollars."


According to Roger Murmann of the Science Fiction Club Rhein-Main the filming of the pilot to The X-Files-spin-off series Lone Gunmen seems to begin earlier than anticipated. According to "Cinescape" the pilot will be shot from March 3 through April 4, 2000 in Vancouver.


According to DVD-/Movie-Inside a remake of Planet of the Apes is planned:

"News from the Planet of the Apes-remake: Bill Broys has finished the script for the film. Now only missing is a director to shoot it. First there even was talk of James Cameron but he seems to have other obligations. Now they seem to focus on Tim Burton, but if he is not interested a new director is desperately looked for as the movie is set to premiere summer 2001 in American theatres."


New item downloads added. Initially you will find the original trailers of 20th Century Fox on the Alien-movies.


According to own reports, Strato AG has solved its problems with accessing the hosted domains. Until the end of February the server-capacity should double to offer a good service again. Hopefully this will end the problems of the last months...


All CGI-Scripts have been switched to CSS and reflect the new layout.


Web-content of the domains Aliens-Fan-Confederation and Aliens-Fanclub transferred again and "redirect" verified.


The basic layout has been re-worked and the HTML-code is now formatted with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). This should help us to maintain a fast and conclusive design on all pages. We have sticked to CSS 1.0 so that all browsers should display the pages correctly...


Fox Interactive has announced to release as "Gold"-version of Aliens versus Predator. This supposedly contains the original game with the savegame-patch plus Millenium-Pack (9 new levels) and a strategy guide. For owners of the basic game a cheap update-variant should be made available...


The domains Aliens-Fan-Confederation.De and Aliens-Fanclub.De have now been connected and our old web-content can be found there...


We like to apologize for the inconviniences and errors during reconstruction. We cannot guarantee that everything will be working. As soon as we have clarified the matter permanently, our web-content will be re-designed entirely. (I hope that all of you use a browser that supports CSS 1.0...) If not, please send us a mail! Thanks!


As we have been informed that the term "alienator" is protected by trademark law (a verification and an objection is underway) we have decided to temporarily not use the domain alienator anymore. These pages will be rerouted to another domain as soon as possible.


A voting-center added and links added!


After all the good news, a bad one: The new Facehugger will be delayed further. Probably until at least March!


Link-, copyright-, about us- and newsletter-pages updated and expanded! Further we have made some corrections throughout.


Today every member is supposed to receive a new, printed newsletter. We only will publish it some time later online (after all, membership should have its advantages...! A small teaser will be available tommorrow on the newsletter-pages!)

We hope you enjoy the update and anxiously await your responses...


Unfortunately there has been a small fault in our last electronic update: the adress for our postcard-center was wrong. Due to this we also found out that the CGI-script for the error-handling was also malconfigured. This has now been solved!


We hope you had a good start into the new year and did not suffer too much from the consequences...

Our computers have taken no damage as well so we can continue to work on the internet-pages in 2000. More after January 10.

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