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In space no-one can hear you scream...

But the ALIENator Fan Confederation hears you!

But what are we?  What are we doing?  Who are we?

Join us!  Technical information!

What are we?

The ALIENator Fan Confederation (AFC) is a fangroup that is especially interested in the filmseries ALIEN and TERMINATOR and which offers its members an extensive exchange of news and idaes through international contacts and correspondences.

The AFC exists since autumn 1987 and posseses members at home and abroad who actively participate in the clublife with reports and ideas and thus form a unique fanclub.

entry to the derelic Aliens cast Ripley and inmates Ripley and Call Terminator Future War


James Cameron

What are we doing?

The AFC has its own member forum in shape of "THE FACEHUGGER", a member-newspaper (DIN A4-size) that unfortunately is published very irregularly, but features on its appr. 50-60 pages

Ridley Scott

The AFC in recent years is represented strongly at certain film-fairs to present the club publicly and to stregthen the personal contact between its members. To this end we also use conventions at which our members get-together for a weekend of fun to further the club-community.


Who are we?

At present the AFC is being managed by three persons who are also the editors for the club-newspaper "The Facehugger":

H.R. Giger

First of all there is our chairwoman Katja Jentschura!
Katja is mainly responsible for the organizational aspects and she keeps good ties with the world of movie-making. Professionally she works for a big German dubbing company.

Then there is Matthias Höfchen, our co-chairman!
Professionally he works for a local bank, but for the club he handles the daily routine and on many a weekend he represents the club on selected film-fairs.

As the last regular editor we have Jun Kurokoshi!
For the club he takes on the member-handling and functions as a point-of-contact. Furthermore he is responsible for the webpages of the AFC which he keeps updated in his meagre leisure-time and also finances them out of his own pocket. Professionally he is an air traffic controller.


Join us!

So, if you dare to face the mysterious danger of aliens and terminators, then fill out the application-for-membership form and send it to us. Please transfer the membership fee of presently 15.- € for Germany (other European countries: 17.50- €, elsewhere : 20.- €) onto the club account 3010224930 (recipient: Matthias Höfchen) at the Berliner Sparkasse (BLZ 100 500 00). If you prefer a different method of payment or currency, please mail us!

You will hear from us as soon as possible. Either by the latest issue of "The Facehugger" or our newsletter "Gateway News", which we use to distribute short, but hot news quickly.

If you have further questions or problems, simply mail us.

So hasta la vista, baby!


Technical information!

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We intentionally refrain from using frames, flash-animations, Java-applets and imagemaps, because we believe to reach a maximum circle of interested persons by doing so. If you do not share our view, please mail us!
The CGI-scripts that control many features on our pages are publicly available (refer to our linklist) and have been adapted for the AFC by Jun.

Should there be any problems while viewing the pages, please mail us! Should the fault be ours, we will rectify it as soon as possible!

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AFC-chairwoman: Katja Jentschura, Fürstenplatz 1, 14052 Berlin, Germany - co-chairman: Matthias Höfchen, Okerstr. 44, 12049 Berlin, Germany

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last changed on: 15.08.2002

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