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general movie-quiz

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Welcome to the general movie-quiz!

(However there is nothing to win!)

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Good luck!

1) In which horror-movie did Edward Furlong (John Connor from Terminator 2) participate?

Nightmare on Elm Street 5
Halloween 5
Pet Sematary II

2) In which movie did William Wisher, co-author of Terminator 2, have a small role?

Point Break
The Abyss

3) One actor from Aliens often starred in many stage productions and musicals, among them Andrew Lloyd Webber's "Starlight Express". Who was it?

Colette Hiller (Ferro)
Tip Tipping (Crowe)
Daniel Kash (Spunkmeyer)

4) What is the last name of the replicant Leon in Blade Runner?


5) In which movie was the musical title "Resolution and Hyperspace" from Aliens used again (uncredited)?

Die Hard
Die Hard 2
Die Hard: With A Vengeance

6) The movie Outland is often labeled as a science-fiction version of a western movie. Which one?

Rio Bravo
High Noon
Rio Lobo

7) What is the "identity code" from the Roland Emmerich movie The Noah's Ark Principle with which Max Marek gains access to the main computer of Florida Arklab?


8) What are the names of the sister ships of Valley Forge in Silent Running?

Miramar & Berkeley
Sequoia & Berkshire
West Point & Parris Island

9) Which of the three robots from Silent Running seizes to function first?


10) What does the "K" in Philip K. Dick stand for?


Script developed and kindly provided by: David Turley.

We would like to thank our members Michael Buch and Klaus Triebel for all the questions which they have collected through-out the years!
If you have some questions for us or find a fault, then please mail us!

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