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Welcome to the AFC-Board.

As this board offers enormous possibilities, we therefor deviate slightly from our policy of a simple and technically undemanding website.

In particular our board uses two "cookies" to identify („Cookie“-Name: „AFCUserName“) the user and grant („Cookie“-Name: „AFCPassword“) access.

The password will be crypted by the way and even the administrators cannot read it!

Furthermore you will need a working e-mail-address, that however can be hidden from the public (except the administrators).

If you want to use all the features when designing a post, Java/JavaScript has to be activated.

To ensure the inclusion of the MSN Messenger Active-X-Scripting must be activated. Users who do not use the Messenger, can deactivate it without any loss in comfort or funcionality.

The standard time frame in which a user will be identified by the board is six hours. Within this time the user can leave and re-enter the board at random without having to log-on again. After this time the user will automatically be logged-out. However a new log-on is immediately possible.

It is also possible to deactivate this automatic log-out. When doing so, special care needs to be applied to manually log-out when leaving the board.

This holds especially true when other users have access to your computer!

At this point in time we can only offer the board in the GERMAN language! However most of the functions can be used by anyone with standard computer knowledge.

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last changed on: 15.08.2002

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