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difficult "Alien"-Quiz

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Welcome to the experts-quiz!

(However there is nothing to win!)

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Good luck!

1) In Dan O'Bannon's original script for Alien the name of the spaceship was not yet Nostromo. What was it?


2) On which date did Cameron finish his first script for Aliens?


3) Written on the insignia of the second dropship in Aliens is "Smart Ass - We aim by P.F.M.". What does "PFM" mean?

Pure Fucking Magic
Pure Fucking Muscle
Pretty Fantastic Machines

4) In Dan O'Bannon's first script for Alien there was an exclusivly military crew. The names of the characters were Standard, Roby, Melkonis, Broussard, Faust and Hunter. Who was the first to be killed and who survived?

Standard, Melkonis
Hunter, Faust
Broussard, Roby

5) In Alien the endtitle of Jerry Goldsmith has been replaced. Who was the composer and what is the name of the title?

Gustav Holst, The Planets op. 32 „Saturn“
Howard Hanson, 2. Symphony „The Romantic“
Edvard Grieg, Peer Gynt Suite No. 1 op. 46 „Aase’s Death“

6) For some time it was considered to let an electronic musician develop the soundtrack for Aliens. Who was considered to do it?

Andreas Vollenweider
Jean-Michel Jarre
Isao Tomita

7) In Alien "mother" had the matrixaddress 2037. Which number did "waste heat" have then?


8) In Alien "mother" had the matrixadress 2037. Which number did "inertial damp" have then?


9) From whom is the design of the salvage ship that finds Ripley's shuttle at the beginning of Aliens?

Syd Mead
Robert Skotak
Peter Lamont

10) Who designed most parts of Gateway Station in Aliens?

Syd Mead
Robert Skotak
Peter Lamont

11) What is the name of Sigourney Weaver's German voice?

Hallgard Bruckhaus
Heidelinde Weiß
Regine Hildebrandt

12) Who does the lady lend her voice to as well?

Glenn Close
Rebecca DeMornay
Meryl Streep

13) Which music did James Cameron listen to while writing his first 45-pages-strong treatment for Aliens?

Jerry Goldsmith, soundtrack to Alien
Gustav Holst, The Planets
Pink Floyd, Dark Side of the Moon

14) Ridley Scott re-used some scenes from Alien for other movies. In which film was the shot with the computer displaying "purge" (launch of the Narcissus) used again?

G.I. Jane
Black Rain
Blade Runner

15) Aliens-production designer Peter Lamont often works on another popular cinema-series. Which one?

James Bond
Star Trek
Star Wars

16) Which was the second camera-work of Alien's director of photography Derek Vanlint?

Princess Bride

17) What did Star Wars sounddesigner Ben Burtt create for Alien?

the emergency signal of the alien derelict
the alien screams
the enginesounds

Script developed and kindly provided by: David Turley.

We would like to thank our members Michael Buch and Klaus Triebel for all the questions which they have collected through-out the years!
If you have some questions for us or find a fault, then please mail us!

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