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easy "Alien"-Quiz

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Welcome to the beginners-quiz!

(However there is nothing to win!)

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Then mark the right answers and finally click on "send" to see if you have answered all questions correctly!

Good luck!

1) Why is the ship computer of Nostromo in Alien named "mother"?

the official designation of the computer is MU/TH/UR 6000
the computer ist so protective
the official designation of the computer is MOT-HER 6000

2) What is the name of the spaceship in which the company-people arrive at Fiorina in Alien3?


3) What is written on Ferro's helmet in Aliens?

Shit, No Friendly Skies
Make the Skies Friendly
I fly the Friendly Skies

4) Derek Vanlint was director of photography for Alien. But for many scenes somebody else was behind the camera. Who?

Ridley Scott
Adrian Biddle
James Cameron

5) What's Sigourney Weaver's real name?

Sarah Weaver
Sean Weaver
Susan Weaver

6) What does the abbreviation EEV stand for?

Escape Emergency Vehicle
Emergency Escape Vehicle
Extraterrestrial Escape Vehicle

Script developed and kindly provided by: David Turley.

We would like to thank our members Michael Buch and Klaus Triebel for all the questions which they have collected through-out the years!
If you have some questions for us or find a fault, then please mail us!

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