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The following cards of the Aliens CCG are being offered by some of our members. If you need some of them and would like to trade or buy them then please mail us! Thanks!

The list of wanted cards and offered cards will be updated as frequently as necessary!

Alien Characters

alien warrior (3x)
pet hybrid

Marine Items

bottled courage
garrison pack (3x)
motion scanner

Secondary Characters

child (2x)
engineer (4x)
staff worker (5x)


commuincations center
corporate office
docking bay
engineering (3x)
hived main corridor
hived storage
mess hall
operations (2x)
security checkpoint


acid spray
adrenaline rush (2x)
alien pursuit
concentrated fire
defend the hive
dodge and roll
emergency escape vessel
instinctive escape
loss of command
protect the queen
structural repairs
take aim
where there’s one
you want some of this?

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last changed on: 15.08.2002

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