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Already in 1989 Leading Edge Games published a relatively simple tabletop on Aliens. In this game there are three scenarios from the movie that can be replayed:
The first encounter in the reactor chamber, the fight in the colony and Ripley's battle with the queen.
For all these encounters there is a map on which to place the marines and then to try escaping the aliens.

As this offers little diversity Leading Edge in 1990 released an Expansion Pack with a new map, new optional rules and new scenarios:
The alien attack on Ferro and Spunkmeyer, Newt's rescue and two hypothetical encounters:
Rescue of Dietrich and Apone and a hunt on the queen in the colony as lastly the possibility of an open scenario.

Conclusion: Overall the game can't convince, it offers too little diversity and possibilities. It can only be recommended to the fan who likes to complete his/her collection.

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last changed on: 15.08.2002

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