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In 1991 Leading Edge Games after publishing the tabletop released a roleplaying game (RPG) on Aliens. On over 170 pages a complete RPG is presented which is based on the Living Steel RPGs and the extremly good Phoenix Command combat system by Leading Edge.

The basic character is quickly created as it is made up of five primary and four secondary attributes and relatively few skills. The system is cut-out to facilitate military characters. Other careers are possible, but require lots of work by the game master.

Described in relative detail is the combat system which is a slightly simplified version of the Phoenix Command Combat System which has been highly acclaimed for its logical and realistic approach and offers many possibilities for close-quarter, ranged and vehicle combat.

By far the biggest section of the book is being used to provide background information to enhance the game world. As there is not much being said on the background in the movies, Leading Edge needed to create something by themselves which sometimes is irritating, but nevertheless creates a opportunity-rich adventure world not only dealing with the aliens.

Conclusion: For roleplaying fans highly recommandable as lots of background material is being provided!

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last changed on: 15.08.2002

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