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Customisable Card Game

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CCG image 1 CCG back
The card above was included on Jun's version of Aliens versus Predator:

The customisable card game (ccg) on Alien, etc. comprises 364 card (basic game) and several extension packs which are available in small, randomly mixed packages, similar to the trading cards.
Two players who are collecting the cards compete with one another. It is very important who has acquired the more valuable cards until then. The cards that the competitors play offer certain advantages and disadvantages for each of the races.
The whole thing works similar to the other known ccgs.

Conclusion: Only recommandable for the hardcore-collector who can invest time and money!

Of course, as these packs are randomly filled the collector will buy cards more than once. We therefor want to offer the collecting members among us the possibility to put up their excessive cards for trade/sale. Please simply mail us a list of the cards that you are looking for or that you want to get rid of. Thanks!

The list of the wanted cards and the offered cards will be updated as often as necessary!

A complete list of all cards is available on the homepage of our member Sven-Patrick Schymik.

The motives below have been provided by Andrea van Meegen-Wolf:
CCG image 2 CCG image 3

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last changed on: 15.08.2002

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