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Aliens - A Comic Book Adventure

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Aliens - A Comic Book Adventure is a game which requires MS DOS. The title has already been published in 1995 and it shows. Once the graphics may have been acceptable, but today the performance is not impressing anyone anymore...
Based on the comics of Dark Horse the game tries to be a point-and-click adventure. Onboard U.S.S. Sheridan four (slightly weird) crew-members are on their way home after a terraforming-mission, as they intercept an SOS of a mining-colony. After landing the colony is examined by using powerloader-like exoskeletons. Of course the aliens have spread and survival is the goal... One has to switch to and back between the characters because every one has his/her specialty.

Conclusion: An average game that the fan should only buy as a bargain!

Required hardware (minimum):
Microsoft DOS 5.0+ (or MS Windows 95/98 in DOS mode), 486 DX2 66 MHz+, 8+ MB RAM, 20+ MB hard drive (uncompressed), 2+ -times CD-ROM-drive, SVGA / VESA compatible graphics-card, Sound Blaster compatible soundcard, mouse.

The English FAQ solves several typical faults. And here the patch to version 1.03.

Below is the package (pictures are rendered in-between sequences!):
Aliens cover Aliens back

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